Smart Lighting

Smart Homes

The lighting in your home will serve a huge number of purposes:
– Mood lighting, making sure the light in the room matches the mood you’re in. When you enter a room, your Smart home will automatically bring on the ideal lighting mood for the time of day. 
– Task lighting, providing the perfect amount and type of light to complete the task at hand. Just making a quick cup of tea during the adverts? Lighting over the kitchen worktop will ensure no spillages without having to turn on all the lights in the room.
– Lighting for security, Beautifully functional external lighting around the outside of the property or If you’re away on holiday have your smart home automatically turn on lights in certain areas to give the effect of someone being home.

And much more, When the kids are sleeping, why not have the kitchen room lamp flash to let you know someone is at the door rather than a loud door chime.

Smart Heating

Smart Homes

Not only does zoned heating provide a superior level of comfort and flexibility but it can also reduce your energy bills. In a conventional heating system, one temperature sensor will dictate whether or not all rooms in the house are heating up or not. A smart home can treat each room as an independent heating zone meaning that it can have a unique set point and schedule. If nobody tends to use the living room until 6pm on weekdays, your smart home can make sure it is only heated when it is required.

If you like a cool bedroom but the bathroom to be nice a toasty in the morning, use your smartphone to set 2 independent set points in the two rooms, your Smarthome will take care of the rest.

Going away on holiday? Use the app to set the entire house to a safe minimum temperature so as not to waste energy, but also protect the house against low temperatures.

Smart Security

Smart Homes

Your smart home should be a safe place where your family feel most comfortable. During the night, outside motion sensors can discreetly alert you to anyone approaching the house. If you are away from the home, motion sensors and window contacts will alert you to any unwanted guests, all the while using your smart home’s lighting, blinds and music system to ward off anyone who might have decided to let themselves in.

Smart Shading

Smart Homes

As the sun rises in the morning, so do your chosen blinds. As the sun sets, your blinds close automatically with you needing to lift a finger. Should you decide that the sunset is too pretty to miss, a single tap of a button and the blinds are opened. you are in control at all time, your smart home is there to help.

If you need us to cast some more light on the many benefits of automated shading, do not hesitate to get in touch with us right away. 

Smart Irrigation

Smart Homes

If you like the pansies to be perfect but struggle to find time to water them, your Smart Home can make sure that the flowerbeds stay looking beautiful. 

Your Smart Home will automatically water the garden at the most suitable time of the evening, no more dried up flowerbeds and sad looking plants. 

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